One day a taniwha


Product Description

Author: Beatrice Piatarihi Tui Yates (Aunty Bea)

Illustrator: Katherine Quin Merewether – design on Q

Paperback – 12 page inner

ISBN: 978-0-47-315161-4

First Published: 2009

Included: Audio CD (Music by Aunty Bea & Rodger Cunningham)

About Book: In 2009 steps were taken to publish this well-known and well-loved story and song, first written in 1974 by Aunty Bea (Piatarihi Tui Yates), a well known te Arawa Rotorua teacher/entertainer. Told and sung (to the tune of ‘You are My Sunshine’) in both Maori and English, this delightfully illustrated book